Photography is a world of documentation and creativity.   Combining the two meaningfully requires a clear understanding of the art form.   Jan Landis, a true artist, has that gift.   From her first photographs taken as a child in Indiana with a Brownie box camera, to advanced photography classes at Indiana University, to continuing education, she developed a solid foundation in the aesthetic use of a camera.

When Jan’s children married and had their own children, she began using their celebrations as a way to further her creativity.   A love of photographing people celebrating their treasured moments has broadened her vision to encompass all families.

Fascinated by exotic animals, Jan has volunteered at the Oregon Zoo since 1995.   She has used this newfound knowledge of zoology to enhance her animal photo studies.   Recently, her passion has been the documentation of the fragile remains of traditional cultures, places and wildlife.

Through her photography she has explored the life and culture of American Indians, Guam, Japan, China, Ireland and Turkey.   Touring China’s Guizhou Province and another traversing Turkey she photographed ways of life, unchanged for 100s of years.

A frequent photo contest winner, she has seen her work published in trade magazines, a national calendar on China and a book on raptors.   Her attention to the image has always been developed to the exacting standards of whatever era she has covered.   Today it requires employing the best digital imaging software, coupled with the finest digital equipment to capture those precious and fleeting moments.   These skills assure every client they will receive the highest quality photo memories.


Education Photography Minor, Indiana University Journalism Photography, Clackamas Community College Photo Workshops: Lisl Dennis & Nevada Wier Pro Photo Co. Indian Rodeo, Tulips David Stoecklein Workshop, Portland Altengarten Canon Wrkshp Seattle WA NPPNW Travel Photo: Guam/Japan SW China, Guizhou Prov. - Nevada Wier Ireland, back roads of Turkey - CUE Greece - CUE Library of photo books Present Photo Subscriptions: Rangefinder, Digital Photo Pro, Outdoor Photography, PC Photo, American Photographer, Judging of AZFA Conference Photo Contest Judging of NPPNW Workshops



1999, 2006



Awards First Place First Place Local Newspaper in Guam Day in the Life of Washington County Third Place Bands Chosen for Display First place Theme Award First Place – Rose Garden Honorable Mention "Best Correction" Winner (8th of 110) Best Cover Shot First place in 3 categories Journalism Members of Congress Various Magazines & Newspapers Weekly Paper – Covers Covers and Articles College Orientation Week Asian Reporter newspaper Shows/Commissions Senior pictures, Weddings, Reunions Families, Pets, Babies Notecards First Wakeboard w/Photo College Orientation Portland View for Retirement TV Station Company Products / Trade Shows Two-Month Show AZA Convention Photo Exhibit PBS Kids, ZooBooMaFoo World Animal Festival Cheetah Conservation Fund Urban Art Network Nationwide China Calendar for 2003 Product for catalog Raptors of the Pacific Northwest Book Picture Perfect, Store Display IAATE Conference Animal Photos Shelton Ministries Nancy's Restaurant (now retired) Elephant Conference Portland Center for Performing Arts Banquets Pet Portraits CD Cover Digital Assistance / Photo Books Dog Portraits Portrait Photos DVD of landscape photos with music Wood Carving photos Parrot/Human photo PCC Nursing Graduations Allison Bonner Shillingford - Obama Family Photo IFCC Gallery Sports-high schools, U. fo Ptld, Timbers &Thorns Colored Pencils Arts &Culture Chinese Garden Show - Jan-Feb Pho Jasmine Restaurant Rose Festival Dragon Boat Art Show in June Camp Erin in August Komak Fund Raiser - Cancer help for workers Portland Taiko Unit Souzou (Taiko) "Hello" Fundraiser - Website for immigrants & refugees

Denver Post - Father’s Day, Denver, CO Children’s Contest - Columbus, IN Newspaper, Tigard, OR Newspaper, Tigard, OR Portland Rose Festival, OR Oregon State Fair, OR Oregon State Fair, OR Portland Parks & Recreation, OR Oregon State Fair, OR The Plugin The Asian Reporter NPPNW Washington, D.C. Computer Uses in Business Yakima, WA Nursery Manager Magazine Northwest Bible College Portland, Oregon OnGoing OnGoing Barb’s Postal Shop, Tigard, OR HO Sports, Seattle, WA Northwest Bible College, Kirkland, WA Calaroga Terrace, Portland, OR Lacey-Harmer Co., Portland, OR Oregon Zoo Oregon Zoo Oregon Zoo, ZooLites Children’s Internet Program Oregon Zoo Portland, OR Dan Cohen, Portland, OR Ventura Publishing Co. Lumilite Tom Bosakowski, Frank Amato Publications Dave Mossbarger Cathi Wright OR. Zoo, Ptld,OR; Museum, Bend, OR David Shelton, Kenmore, WA Portland, OR Oregon Zoo Margie Humphrey Portland, OR Tamara Garlett Band, Jose Avila Sings AFP, Chris Kogut Salty's Dog Shop & Silken Windhounds Various States Martha Stephenson Art McKellips' Website World Parrot Trust Sylvania Campus Independent Filmaker Portland, Oregon Portland, OR, Vancouver, WA Portland, Oregon Portland, Oregon Portland, Oregon Portland, Oregon Camp Kawaldi off Hwy 224 Gaston, OR Portland, Oregon Portland, Oregon Portland, Oregon

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